White Tri-View Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinets

When it’s time to replace your old medicine cabinet, or finishing up the construction of a brand new bathroom, AmericanClassics cabinetry has the medicine cabinet for you. From a standard mirrored cabinet to tri-view mirrored doors, our diverse line of medicine cabinets will definitely meet your needs. Our medicine cabinets are available in multiple widths, and are either surface- or recess-mounted. All medicine cabinets are fully assembled, making installation easy. Adjustable shelving configurations easily accommodate a variety of bath products.

Bi-View Java Medicine Cabinet Bi-View Java »
Available in: 31"
Bi-View White Medicine Cabinets Bi-View White »
Available in: 24" 28"
Premium Tri-View Oak Medicine Cabinet Premium Tri-View Oak »
Available in: 31" 37"
Premium Tri-View White Medicine Cabinet Premium Tri-View White »
Available in: 31" 37"
Recessed Oak Medicine Cabinet Recessed Oak »
Available in: 15" 21"
Recessed White Medicine Cabinet Recessed White »
Available in: 15" 21" 24"
Swing Door Oak Medicine Cabinet Swing Door Oak »
Available in: 15" 20" 21"
Swing Door White Medicine Cabinet Swing Door White »
Available in: 15" 20" 21" 23"
Tri-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet Tri-View Beveled Mirror »
Available in: 24" 30" 36" 48"
Tri-View Oak Medicine Cabinet Tri-View Oak »
Available in: 24" 30" 36"
Tri-View White Medicine Cabinet Tri-View White »
Available in: 24" 30" 36"